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Save a Dolphin Necklace

Save a Dolphin Necklace

Save a Dolphin Necklace

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Did you know that Japanese drive hunts kill over 20,000 dolphins, porpoises and small whales every year? Hunters drive them together with boats into a bay and with no way of escaping these beautiful intelligent creatures are cruelly slaughtered and can take up to 30 minutes to die from being suffocated or drowned.

Help end dolphin exploitation and Save Dolphins by wearing this uniquely crafted Save a Dolphin Necklace. By protecting dolphins we’re helping look after our oceans - and that’s good for all the wildlife and billions of people who depend on the sea.

  • Track a Dolphin Save a life and virtually track your own dolphin on their journey through our exclusive interactive map.
  • Dolphin Conservancy - The Save a Dolphin Necklace was created to help save more dolphins, to raise awareness and provide protection for Dolphins around the globe!
  • Premium Quality - Handmade with 925 Sterling Silver and gemstones this necklace is eye-catching and sparkles from across the room.

Purchase your Save a Dolphin Necklace and do your part in helping us save a precious Dolphin life today!

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