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Save a Turtle Bracelet

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Did you know that 99% of sea turtles that die each year is due to plastic debris killing them from the inside out?

You will learn all about your virtual turtle; their name, habitat, a picture of them and you can even see where they have been and where they are on the interactive map! You also get a picture of your Sea Turtle as well.

  • Turtle Conservation - The Save a Turtle Bracelet was created to save sea turtles and help raise awareness and provide protection for sea turtles around the globe! 
  • Track a Virtual Sea Turtle - Get excited after your purchase! Your order will arrive with a QR code that will give you access to a tracking map to track a virtual sea turtle.

Join our mission in cleaning the Oceans and making it a safer place for our beautiful Marine animals. Every necklace makes a difference, we've made a remarkable difference so far and it wouldn't be possible without all our amazing customers.

    Save a Turtle Bracelet