Save a Whale Necklace


Over 15,000 whales are being hunted and killed every year even though many whale species are endangered.

Help Save and Support Whales by wearing this beautifully crafted Save an Whale Necklace. A portion of all proceeds are donated to multiple Whale Research Foundations, where rescues for captive and injured whales are carried out and rehabilitation is provided. Your contribution will help Whale Conservation organizations achieve the vision of a world where every Whale are safe and free.

  • Track a Whale Save a life and virtually track your own whale on their journey through our exclusive interactive map.
  • Whale Conservancy - The Save an Whale Necklace was created to help raise awareness and provide protection for whales around the globe!
  • Premium Quality - Our handmade necklaces are crafted with 925 Sterling Silver and gemstones that make this necklace eye catching and sparkle from across the room.

Order your Save a Whale Necklace today and do your part in helping us save a precious life today! Each necklace comes with its own QR code with exclusive access to our interactive tracking map.

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How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

Every purchase helps the fight against plastic pollution, fin trade, and so much more 

Spread awareness and express your support of saving our Oceans by wearing each piece. 

Over 50,000 LBs of plastic removed from our oceans and counting

Plastic Removal

We've team up with Verdn to directly remove Plastic from our Oceans. If you want to be a part of our Plastic Removal Project, please learn more here


Track an Animal With Every Purchase

Receive an exclusive QR code with your purchase to get access to your animal's tracking.

Now more than EVER, the Ocean Needs YOUR Help

We are seeing a consistent increase in pollution and fin trade all over the world left behind by commercial fishing and so much more. If we do not act now, it might not be much longer until all sea life is dead.