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    Pull Plastic Project

    If you support our mission to save the oceans and marine life and you want to maximize your impact, join our Pull Plastic Project!

    Why Join the Pull Plastic Project?

    The Pull Plastic Project is the most impactful project that pulls trash from the oceans! As it is our mission to end the ocean plastic crisis, save marine animals and our oceans, the Pull Plastic Project contributors help fund and make our mission possible and support the movement. Here's how it works:

    Purchase The Pull Plastic Project & Choose your impact

    Decide whether you want to remove 2.2, 4.4 or 22 pounds of plastic.

    Receive an Email

    For every project purchased, you'll receive an email to track your personal impact.

    See & Track Your Impact

    See the timeline and watch your purchase make an impact!

    Spread the Word

    Raise awareness about the ocean plastic crisis and encourage others to contribute to the plastic project with you. 

    Where Does The Money Go?

    Your funds go to removing and cleaning plastic from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines  around the world. Below, you can find just a few of the several things you help support with your purchase.

    See & Track Your Total Impact

    See the entire timeline of your impact from the location where your plastic was removed to learning about who removed it.

    Directly Fund The Removal of Ocean Plastic

    By purchasing the pull plastic project, you are directly helping fund the removal of plastics from our oceans and saving marine life. 

    Be Part of the Change

    If you want to start getting involved and making a difference for the oceans and marine life, the plastic project is a great way to get involved. Not only do you directly fund the removal of ocean plastic but you also get to be part of our email community to learn more about other ways to reduce your ocean footprint. 

    What people are saying:

    "I just purchased the Pull Plastic Project and I love getting to see and track how my purchase is directly helping to remove plastic from the ocean!"

    James T

    "This project is brilliant! Love seeing my impact." 

    Lauren E

    "Great project. I purchased this for my daughter to learn more about the ocean and she loved it."

    Nancy O


    Track the removal of 2.2 pounds of plastic from the ocean



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    Track the removal of 4.4 pounds of plastic from the ocean



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    Track the removal of 22 pounds of plastic from the ocean



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